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The Martial Arts and Israel Leadership Program

Within the Jewish educational framework, there exists a wide variety of programs which make a visit to Israel both possible and desirable. The goals of such a visit are numerousamongst them: 1. The strengthening of ties with communities of origin. 2. Education in Zionism and the creation of a bond to the State of Israel. 3.The creation of bonds with Israeli youth. GOAL OF MAP To bring Jewish young adults to Israel from the Diaspora, to enable them to experience Israel for an extended period and to become familiar with Israeli culture, country and citizens. A vehicle for this experience will be the Martial Arts and Israel Leadership Program (MAP) in an inspiring setting with Israeli kids. STRATEGY Israel has a world class reputation for Martial arts. MAP will be usinginternationally recognisedmartial arts masters to conduct the classes. Target group: Jews aged 18-30.

Program Outline

The program will include: 1. Daily trainings in a variety of martial arts which will be given by the best of Israel's instructors. The students will enjoy workouts to improve general fitness ability as well as workouts in competitive skills. 2. The option to receive an instructors or coaches certificate. 3. Seminars in Jewish studies-the study of chronological Jewish history from its beginnings through to modern Israel. 4. Weekly field trips that parallel Jewish history studies. 5. "Mifgash" with Israeli youth. 6. Hebrew studies-"Ulpan".

Ideal Location, great facilities

Ulpan Akiva

Green Beach Netanya is conveniently located just 20 min north of Tel Aviv, 5 min walk from the sea. Some if its facilities include: 1. Dormitories 2. Kosher dining room. 3. Lecture halls. 4. Training halls 5. Access to the beach.

Sample daily program

7:30-8:00 Breakfast 8:00-10:00 Jewish history, Zionism and Hebrew lessons 10:30-12:30 Martial arts training 12:30-1:30 Lunch 14:30- 15:45 Physiology, anatomy, ,psychology, coaching and leadership. 18:00 Dinner 20:00 Israeli activity Mifgash. Masa participant will meet with Israeli students from other Israeli martial arts clubs. The first month will be facilitated by staff where contemporary issues will be discussed and combined social ctivities. Ater the first month the mifgashim will be personal. The idea is to allow an opportunity to familiarize with the local culture.

Unique integrated educational approach

The lesson plan integrates Jewish History/Zionism studies with Martial Arts training, site visits and local Israeli youth participation MAP's EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM A unique featureof the Jewish History/Zionism educational program will be highlighting theconnection betweenJewish History , Self Defence and Survival of theJewish People. The practical Martial Arts lessons willalso have thematic lessons connected with an historical perspective. Stories such as David and Goliath, Judah and the Maccabies,the Warsaw Getto uprising and Israel's modern wars for survival are a few examples. The tours of Israel will also be connected to the same historical themes.

Integrated educational tours - Learn about the Biblical / Historical / Political event - Martial Arts component - Site visit - Guest lecture/ special activity with local youth Examples of the integrated approach topics in the Jewish martial history program: Ancient History: Self defense, National defense, War to conquer - David & Goliath - Modiin- Maccabiean family graves, revolt against the Greeks. - Gamla- Golan Heights, The Romans kill 10,000 Jews - Masada - Jewish survival against all odds. - Mt Meron- Lag Bomar, Archery - Ein Harod Gideon the judge fights the Philistines.200 men against 10,000. The strategy of psycological warfare. Modern History: - Latrun Tank Museum - pride of the army. - Amunition Hill Jerusalem. Paratroopers overtake the Jordanian Bunkers - Emek Habacha Yom Kippur War - Kiryat Shemona Interview with Israeli kids about the second Lebanon war.

Martial Arts Training

- Certification course subjects include Physiology, Anatomy, Psychology, Health and Fitness - Elective Martial Arts training choice of Judo, Karate, Aikido and Krav Maga - Teaching a class, coaching and Hadracha (Leadership) - How to teach children the mental art of handling a bully.

Management - Yonah Melnik

Sensei Yonah Melnik was born in 1949. Yonah Melnik has been practicing Judo since the age of 15. During the years 1971 to 1973 he practiced in Philadelphia and during 1976 in Tokyo, under the guidance of Takahiko Ishikawa and Isao Okano, respectively. First Dan at 1969 and Seventh Dan since 2002. Yonah Melnik has a rich teaching and coaching history as a National Master Coach. He also coached the Israeli judo team for the Los Angeles Olympics. Many of Yonah students were and are National Champions, and some had impressive success in international competitions. Yonah Melnik is also active as master rank examiner for the Israeli Judo Association and as member of its Refereeing Commission as IJF Referee - B since 1994. Apart from managing, teaching and coaching his own club in Hod-Hasharon and his refereeing activities, Yonah Melnik was the Head Coach of the judo section of the Center for the Development of Sport Giftedness at the Wingate Institute since it was launched in 1994. The program is organized as a boarding school for high schoolers, situated within the facilities of the Wingate Institute for Physical Education. Gifted judokas are chosen from the whole country, where they follow a special training program to compete nationally and internationally. Yonah Melnik won 14 National Championships and participated in 10 European and 2 World Championships. He took part in the Olympic Games in Montreal and was a member of the Olympic team to Moscow Olympics, in which Israel did not compete following the boycott. He was champion of the Maccabiah Games in 1973 and 1977.

Management - Danny Hakim

Danny Hakim was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1959 and grew up in Sydney where he was a member of the Betar Movement since 8 years old. He attended the Machon LeMadrichai Chuts LaAretz year program in 1977 and became Mefaked of Betar Sydney in 1980. Danny graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New South Wales in 1982 and immediately went to live in Japan to pursue his hobby and passion, Shotokan Karate. In Japan, Danny studied under Master Hirokazu Kanazawa, one of the legends of modern Karate for many years. Danny received his 6th degree black belt in 2003 and competed in numerous international Karate championships for Australia and then for Japan achieving two times silver medal in the World Championships. Danny also represented Australia in 5 Maccabiah games. In 1986, Danny started his own Australian travel business where he worked as the managing director and was an owner until 2001. In 1991, Danny founded the World Education Program Company, which specialized in providing training and multilingual personal for international events. Major clients included CBS sports for the Nagano Winter Olympics and the Sydney Olympic Committee. In 2000, Danny decided to fulfill his dream and move to Israel. There, he received his masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Israel School of Enterprise management. In 2003, Danny became the National Israeli karate coach for SKI Israel and led the Israeli team at the 8th Shotokan Karate International championships in Durbin South Africa. In 2004, Danny founded the Budo for Peace Association, a not for profit organization where young Israelis, Arabs and Palestinian children practice Traditional Japanese Martial Arts ( Budo) together and learn about respect, self control and harmony. In addition, Danny authored Budos Potential for Peace Breaking Down Barriers in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, Budo Persepctives, Chapter 21; Kendo World Publicationh Ltd: Aukland 2005. During the early months of Dannys aliya while doing the Wingate Institute sports leadership certification he was surprised to see so many young Israeli Arab women studying and training in the martial arts. This realization caused him to produce the film Shadya, which was awarded the Best Documentary of the year in Israel, 2006. Apart from teaching and managing karate clubs in Raanana and Tel Aviv, Danny directs the ten Budo for Peace centers that are sponsored by the Japanese government.

The participants

Martial Arts is a popular activity for Jews in the diaspora. The program will be promoted to Jews in North and South America, Australia, South Africa and Europe. Many of the participants will have a background of Martial Arts however it is not a necessary prerequisite. Areas of recruitment. - Martial arts clubs with Jewish members. - Jewish communities with security groups. - Past and future Maccabiah participants - Yonah Melnik and Danny Hakim are world renowned martial artists. Yonah has published his own techniques which have received thousands of hits via Youtube. Danny has over 30 years of international competition and teaching experience. - MAP is hosting Birthright groups with a half day martial arts program. See Youtube: Martial Arts, Birthright - MAP is building its own website. The website will have chat forum for martial artists to ask further questions. - Masas international distribution- Aliya offices,Masa Brochure and Masa website.

Program details

Educational hours Ulpan: 80 hrs Martial Arts : 200 hours Jewish history/ Zionism : 110 hrs Social leadership skills: 30 hours Tours: 8 Parameters Minimum 20 students 2 semesters of 5 months ( 150 days) Semester 1: September January , Semester 2: February June Martial arts Hebrew Jewish history / Zionism Full board

Danny Hakim and Zeev Bielsky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency

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