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Web Site Inauguration Party
"Budokan" Web Site Cake

We celebrated the inauguration of our new Web Site, on Saturday, July 21, 2007. The party took place at the "Budokan Martial Art Center" at the "Hadassa Neurim" Youth Village, founded and directed by our sensei, Yonah Melnik, Schichidan. The celebration started with a special Judo lesson, under Yonah sensei guidance. A large part of the adult group participated. Towards end of training, families and friends started to flow in, and it was time for grading examinations: Adi for Yonkyu, Zeev, Daniel, Matan and Jaco for sankyu, and finally, Natan, for Shodan. Yonah sensei, the examiner, was very satisfied with his students's performance and the level they showed. It was time for the traditional "Asado" barbeque lunch, with our "asado masters" - Havier, Jaco and Ariel. This was the opportunity to inaugurate as well, the huge and professional grill built by us near the dojo. The results were perfect... We are grateful to NOAM KOT, for the building of the site, and to GALIT LEVY for the designing. To all the students, family and friend who took part and made this celebration come true, for their help and contribution. And, last but not least, we want to express our gratefulness and appreciation to our sensei, Yonah Melnik, who takes on his shoulders the whole "Budokan" school and organization, for years of wonderful teaching and training, for building this amazing friendship of the adults group, for the love to Judo in all of us, and for his invaluable contribution to the life of each one of us. Thank you very much!


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